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Cute cutter

Very cute- I turned the tip of the tree down on some for a different effect.

Princess party

I absolutely love the quality of these cutters. The size was great as some other cutters I have are too small or very wide on the gown. My customer was so happy and said the dress matched perfectly for her theme.


This cutter is perfect for elf cookies. I ordered the 4in cutter and it was just the right size for the elf.

Snowy Tree
Allison M.
Love the tree cutter

This is the perfect tree cutter! I love the shape and there are so many different ways you can decorate it

Pie Platter

These cutters were perfect and this platter was my best seller at my Thanksgiving show! I donated one for a raffle and it was one of the most wanted items! I would recommend these cutters to home and professional bakers. They are very well made!


The perfect pie slice at the perfect size. Sturdy cutter that will be used time and time again for other projects as well!

Great cutters

I used these cutters to make the mini donut cookies for the Elf on the Shelf as well as mini circle cutters for the Elf to decorate. Very easy to use and the dough poppers were great to get the little circles out. Highly recommend these!

Perfect for the Dessert Table.

Super cute design to feed a large group of turkey lovers. These cutters are as wonderful as all the other products offered by Brighton Cutters. Sturdy, clean edges and cuts well through many uses. I will always recommend the.

Fun trees

Love the tree cutters and loved the fact that my little order created such excitement!

Perfect little house cutters

These are so sweet and detailed. I can’t wait to use them all year long for holidays and Welcome to your new home / place realtor cookies!!

Absolute best cutters

This shop is my absolute FAVORITE to buy cookie cutters. These mini Christmas cutter are great for advent calendar or a mini stack, and the cutters themselves are thick and cut through dough easily, the dough also does not get stuck in them! They were also shipped super fast! 10 outa 10 recommend!

Cyhthia J.
Cutest ever

Can’t wait to make these. Love the subject

Fun mystery box

Such a nice assortment of cutters. I’m not sure why you call them misprints. They look perfect to me!

Perfectly useful!

Got these and immediately started using them, a great mix of super basic shapes and some with some more flare (squares with a wavy edge etc). Love it! Thanks for offering this product


I purchased the 0.75” size of the multi-cutter/ dough popper set and they could not have been easier to use. The dough popper is truly a genius tool and a life saver when working with such tiny shapes. Like all Brighton cutters I own, they are sturdy and cut cleanly. Thank you for such a great product!!


I love the challenge of thinking what cookies I could make out of the different shapes. Amazing quality. Use them all the time. Thanks Brighton Cutters!

Laura D.
Great cutter as always!

I love Brighton cutters! They're always of great quality! Loved making these cookies for election day!

Such a great product!

This set is such a time saver for the holidays! It makes getting those little cookie shapes cut out so much easier!!!! Thank you!

Adorable and Sturdy

I will use these closer to Christmas, but the first thing I noticed was how sturdy the cutters are and smoothly the poppers fit into the tiny cutters. I will definitely buy from Brighton Cutters again!

A hit

My 1st real floral cutter😍

One of my most used cutters!


So cute! I bought the mini cutter as well and am super pleased with both!

Love this cutter. Perfect for my fall themed cookies!

1/6 Circle Wedge

Super happy with this cutter!

Custom Cutter
Suzanne S.
Loved It

I requested an Air Force wings cutter and it's perfect. Thanks so much