Our Story

Brighton Cutters was formed in November 2018, combining my love for cookie decorating with my husband's hobby of 3D-printing. 

My husband, Jed, has been 3D printing since 2011 when he bought his first 3D printer off of Kickstarter - a Printer Bot. It came as a kit and took him a few days to build but soon he was printing a little plastic shark shape. Jed mostly used his 3D printer to print little key chain decorations, Christmas ornaments and knick knacks from files he downloaded off the internet. 

My husband never tried to design his own files to print, but he did get good at trouble shooting the machine and learned how to improve the quality of his prints. But when our first daughter was born in late 2013, the 3D Printer, got moved out to the garage and forgotten about for few years. 

After our second daughter was born in 2016 that I discovered cookie decorating. The first batch of cookies I made (a batch of pink cats) I made for fun for a local bake sale and they sold out in 10 minutes. But at the bakesale, a woman asked me if she could order cookies from me to celebrate the one year anniversary of her business, and from that my home bakery, Baked on Brighton was born.

As my home bakery business grew, and my skills as a cookie decorator improved, I started teach classes and thinking about designing my own cookie cutters. Finally in 2019, my husband and I decided to invest in a high quality 3D printer, to see if I could use it to print cutters for my business. At the time there were not that many cookie cutter shops out there, and so when I released my first set of cookie cutters, a set of ornaments, sales took off. 

We quickly became known in the cookie decorating world for our high quality cookie cutters.  With my husband's 3d printing expertise we were able to put out a premium quality product, because I believe that quality is important. Our cookie cutters are smooth, have a curved handle that doesn't hurt your hand, and very sturdy cutting walls. Give us a try and I think you'll agree - Brighton Cutters means quality!