Shipping to Canada

Carrier Options and Shipping Times:
We offer three shipping options for our Canadian customers: USPS (delivered through Canada Post), UPS and DHL. DHL is the fastest option (usually 1-3 business days), but also the most expensive and often incurs higher customs charges, however some of our customers love the convenience of the 1-3 day shipping and are happy to pay extra for it. UPS generally takes about 5-7 days for delivery and the shipping is less expensive than DHL, but the customs charges are often just as high as with DHL. USPS is usually the slowest option (taking anywhere from 1-4 weeks for delivery - sometimes up to 6 weeks or longer, especially around the Christmas holiday season,) but it is the least expensive and the customs charges are either low or none at all. Many of our customers choose USPS as the most economical option, however it is not recommended if you have any sort of deadline you are trying to meet. Delivery times are not guaranteed and we do not offer refunds for late packages. Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, no carrier (USPS, DHL or UPS ) is refunding shipping costs for delayed packages and carrier delays have become more common. 

Shipping Prices
We offer a $14.00 flat rate through USPS/ Canada Post for shipments to Canada with no minimum order. For orders shipped to Canada of $100 or more, we also offer FREE shipping via USPS / Canada PostFor orders shipped to Canada of $150 or more, we also offer FREE UPS Standard shipping (customer is responsible for all UPS customs charges UPS). DHL rates are calculated at checkout based on weight and customs charges are billed through DHL..

Customs and Duties
Buyer is responsible for all customs fees and duties incurred. In our experience you are more likely to be hit with a customs charge if you choose DHL or UPS for shipping (and UPS and DHL charge more in customs brokerage fees than USPS). If you wish to avoid or minimize customs and duties charges we recommend selecting USPS First Class International at check out.