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X and Heart Tic Tac Toe Multi-Cutter and Dough Popper

Brighton Cutters LLC

Regular price $36.50

This X and Heart Multi-cutter cuts out four tiny X shapes and four tiny heart shapes. Since the Xs and hearts this cutter cuts out are tiny (and tiny shapes are prone to getting stuck in cookie cutters), our original Dough Popper is a handy tool we created to easily and cleanly push the cookies out of the cookie cutter. 

What's a popper? See our reels to see them in action:

X and Heart Multi-cutter is available in .88 inch "Tiny" size. Size listed is approximate size of the shapes that the cutter cuts.

Available as a single multi-cutter, multi-cutter and popper set, or as a set of 3 with the Large Scalloped Square.

Photo Credit:
Tic Tac Toe set decorated by Kinky Culture Cookie Co using our Scalloped Square in size Large. 

Cookie Cutters are 3D printed in PLA plastic and are NOT dishwasher safe. Hand wash in cool water only.