Unicorn Set

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Unicorn Set

$ 24.00 $27.50
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Set of 5 unicorn themed cookie cutters. Includes 2 mini cutters (Sparkle and Shooting Star) and 3 regular sized cutters (a Unicorn Plaque, a Unicorn Head and either a "Regular" Full Unicorn or a "Large" Full Unicorn). Full unicorn is available in 4 inch ("Regular") height or 4.5 inch ("Large") size. Regular 4 inch full unicorn is pictured with the 4 inch unicorn head.

Cutter Dimensions*:
Sparkle: 2.5 in. tall x 1.88  in. wide
Shooting Star 1.33 in. wide x 2.25 in. tall.
Unicorn Head 2.67 in. wide and 4.25 in. tall (from the tip of the horn to the bottom of the mane).
Unicorn Plaque 4.5 in. tall x 2 in. wide.
Regular Full Unicorn 4.13 in. tall by 3.13 in.wide.
Large Full Unicorn 4.5 in. tall by 4 in. wide.

Cookie Cutters are 3D printed in PLA plastic and are NOT dishwasher safe. Hand wash in cool water only.

*Cutter dimensions are rounded to the nearest 1/8th of an inch and may vary slightly depending on how the cutter is measured. 

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Laurie Davis
A unicorn among unicorn cutters !

This side profile sitting unicorn is just too precious.

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