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Nesting Squares

Brighton Cutters

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Use the discount code BASIC10 to save 10% on the set of 5 or 7.

Available individually or as a set of 5 or 7.

Set of 5 includes all sizes from 1.25 - 3.25 inches.
Set of 7 includes all sizes from .75 - 3.75 inches.

Individual 4.75 inch square with an extra wide handle for stability is also available. 

Size measurement is square width, not diagonals.

Cutter Sizes: 4.75 in., 3.75 in., 3.25 in., 2.75 in., 2.25 in., 1.75 in., 1.25 in., 0.75 in.

Cookie Cutters are 3D printed in PLA plastic and are NOT dishwasher safe. Hand wash in cool water only.