Nesting Circles

$ 21.25

Nesting Circles

$ 21.25
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PLA Plastic
PLA Plastic
Made in California
Made in California
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Details, Size & Options

Use the discount code BASIC10 to save 10% on the set of 5 or 7.

Circle cutters available individually, or as a nesting set of 5 or 7.

Set of 7 includes all sizes from Tiny: .75 in. - Large: 3.75 in.
Set of 5 includes all sizes from Extra Mini: 1.25 in. - Regular:  3.25 in.

Whole and half sizes are available here: Alternate Nesting Circles.

Cutter dimensions:
Tiny: .75 in. diameter
Extra Mini: 1.25 in. diameter
Mini: 1.75 in. diameter
Small:  2.25 in. diameter
Medium: 2.75 in. diameter
Regular: 3.25 in. diameter
Large: 3.75 in. diameter

Photo Credit:
Floral cookies by Baked on Brighton.
Cactus embroidery cookies by Baked on Brighton.
Donut cookies by Baked on Brighton.
Woodland Creature set by Borderlands Bakery.
Snowmen minis by Frankie Bakes.
Orange palm cookies by Get Doughd.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cristy O.

LOVE all the different size circles!

Jacquelyn N.

It’s time to upgrade from using your drinking glasses as circle cutters to these Brighton Basics! I get so much use out of them, and appreciate that they always keep their perfect circular shape even as time passes!

The smaller circle shapes are also great for imprinting/tracing when you’re icing. (I did this for the balloon in my photo).

A great versatile set!

I love this set because I always have the different sizes on hand and can use them for a lot of different things. My favorite use is donut cookies! I also used the smallest size for tic tac toe pieces.

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