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Koala cookie cutter measures approximately 4.5 inches tall x 2.75 inches wide.

Koala Cutter Fundraiser Update: I have met my pledged quota of 150 cookie cutters and donated $1065 USD to Wildlife Victoria, a non profit organization that provides emergency veterinary care to animals effected by the Australian wildfires. Though my initial donation pledge of 150 Koala cutters has been filled, but you may still purchase this cutter through this listing for your own use.

My hope is that these Koala cookie cutters are used to make cookies to raise awareness of the devastating wildfires currently burning in Australia and for fundraisers to aide those effected by the wildfires. My vision is that this Koala cutter will be the catalyst to start 150 or more cookie fundraisers for Australian wildfire aide organizations.

Please consider using this cutter to auction off a decorated Koala cookie, a set of decorated Koala cookies, or selling individual Koala cookies to help raise money for Australian relief organizations. If you do, Id love to know how much you raise so I can keep a tally of all the money raised with this cutter.

Other organizations to donate to:

Red Cross Australia 

Salvation Army Australia 

WIRES - Emergency Fund for Wildlife 

Food Bank Australia 

NSW Rural Fire Service 

County Fire Association of Victoria 

Cookies decorated by:

Koalas in box by Meowcookiesplease

Koalas with hearts by Arlo’s Cookies

Hand painted koalas by The Semi Sweet Ginger