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The Graceful Baker – Beginner's Bundle

Brighton Cutters LLC

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The Graceful Baker – Beginner's Bundle cutters are available individually, as a set of 12 cutters, or as a full bundle of 12 cutters and 4 dough sticks. Grace of The Graceful Baker has curated this cutter bundle to include all of her favorite basic shapes and sizes. This set is perfect for the beginning cookie decorator who doesn't have a lot of cutters yet! (This set makes a great gift!)

Cutter designs and dimensions*:
Charming Heart (Regular):
3.25 in. wide 
Chubby Star (Regular):
3.25 in. wide
3 in. wide
Elongated Hexagon (Regular): 
4.13 in. wide x 2.2 in. tall
3.25 in. wide
Notched Rectangle (Regular): 
2.5 in. wide x 3.5 in. tall 
Oval (Medium): 
2.75 in. wide x 3.5 in. tall 
Rounded Square:
 2.75 in. wide
Scalloped Charming Heart (Medium):
3.63 in. wide
Scalloped Circle (Regular):
3.42 in. wide
Scalloped Oval (Medium):
 4 in tall. x 3.25 in. wide
Scalloped Square (Medium): 
3.2 in. wide 
5/16 Interlocking Dough Stick (Set of 4):
5.16 in. tall

Cookie Cutters are 3D printed in PLA plastic and are NOT dishwasher safe. Hand wash in cool water only.

*Cutter dimensions are rounded to the nearest 1/8th of an inch and may vary slightly depending on how the cutter is measured.