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Fiesta Set of 5

Brighton Cutters

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Set includes 5 "Fiesta" themed cookie cutters: a mini Jalepeno, a 4 inch Sombrero, 3 7/8 inch Prickly Pear Cactus, 4 inch Maraca, and 4 inch Pinata Donkey. Pinata Donkey available with either fused ears or separated ears*

Mini Jalepeno measures approximately 2 3/8 inches tall x 1 inch wide.
Medium Sombrero measures approximately 4 inches wide x 2 1/8 inch tall.
Prickly Pear Cactus measures approximately 3 7/8 inches wide x 3 5/8 inches tall.
Medium Maraca measures approximately 4 inches tall x 2 inches wide.
Medium Pinata Donkey measures approximately 3 3/4 inches tall x 4 1/8 inches wide.


Photo Credit:
Decorated cookies by Baked on Brighton and Borderlands Bakery ("Marcelo" set)


*The example picture by Baked on Brighton shows cookies decorated with separated ears - but the thin ears are trickier to cut. For ease of cutting I fused them together. has the fused ear design (her set is the example pictured using the more muted color pallet.)