The Graceful Baker's 'Tutti Frutti'

$ 53.00

The Graceful Baker's 'Tutti Frutti'

$ 53.00
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Made in California
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These are the 9 cutters The Graceful Baker uses for her 'Tutti Fruti' cookie decorating workshop.

Cutters are available individually or as a set of 9. Set of 9 includes the following designs: Apple, Banana, Cherries, Grape, Lemon, Orange, Peach, Pear and Strawberry.

Workshop sold separately. To purchase Grace's current workshops visit: 
Tutti Frutti

Cutter designs and dimensions*:
Apple: 3.25 in. in. tall x 3.25 in. wide 
Banana: 4 in. x 2.5 in. wide 
Cherries: 3.5 in. tall x 3.25 in. wide 
3.75 in. tall x 3.13 in. wide
4 in. tall x 2.38 in. wide

Orange:  3.5 in. tall x 3 in. wide
Peach: 3.25 in. in. tall x 3.25 in. wide 
Pear: 4 in. tall x 2.5 in. wide
Strawberry:  3.75 in. tall x 3.25 in. wide

Photo Credit:
Tutti Frutti cookies decorated by The Graceful Baker

*Cutter dimensions are rounded to the nearest 1/8th of an inch and may vary slightly depending on how the cutter is measured. 

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Customer Reviews

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Amy S.
Two-tti Fruitty Birthday

This as my first order from Brighton Cutters and it won’t be my last! Love their cutters!!!

Another adorable set, and great class by the Graceful Baker

As always, the cutters are good quality. Customer service is responsive, and the cutters arrived so fast!
Grace did a fabulous job in the video class, and she gives you detailed instructions in a download. This allows me to get everything prepared the two days before I actually view the class to decorate. I also like the smaller size, since not every cookie needs to be huge. It's a perfect combo. I have enjoyed to collaborations that Brighton does with the various cookiers.

Sandra F.
The Graceful Baker's 'Tutti Fruitti' cutter by Brighton

I purchased the peach cutter from this set. Brighton products are quality, easy to use, and a breeze to clean. The cutter is the signature purple plastic which is sturdy and the cuts for things like the stems and leaves are not too small or delicate. I shipped 30 cookies out of state and the stems and leaves held up beautifully for the most part. I love how they wash up. Customer service from Brighton was timely and responsive.

Love this class and cutters.

Grace does a fantastic job explaining everything in her class, the cutters arrive quickly and are very good quality. Definitely enjoyed using these and looking forward to using them in other sets.

LOVED this WORKSHOP and the cutters are great!!

I haven't made these yet but they are going to be so much fun. I likee the simple outlines - not too fussy to get dough out of them and Grace's workshop was amazing. I love Brighton cutters !

I'll try and come back and post pics!

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