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Basics Misprint Surprise Box - SOLD OUT

Regular price $26.00

Boxes go on sale Monday 9/28 at 9am Pacific.

Please purchase box SEPARATELY. Surprise boxes may NOT be combined with other cutters. These boxes are already packaged up and ready to go and will ship out 9/29. Due to limited quantity please only purchase one box per person. 

Description: Each box contains 13 basic shape cookie cutters of various designs and size. Each box contains at least one hexagon, one rectangle and one circle cutter, mixed with a variety of other designs (such as cookie sticks, vintage shapes, scalloped cutters, quarter circles, ovals, half circles, triangles and elongated hexagons.)  Each box contains approximately 4 mini cutters and 9 cutters ranging in size from small to extra large. Some of the cutters in these boxes are just extras I have on hand, some are in filament colors I am not currently using, some have minor cosmetic defects. Defects range from discoloration (such as filament burns or tiny specks of lint melted into the plastic,) handle defects, and minor cutting wall defects (such as striping or inconsistent wall layers and small gaps). Examples of the kind of defects you might find are shown (please note - these cutter designs will not be in the boxes they are just to illustrate the kinds of cosmetic defects you may find). Cutters are being sold at a discount because of these cosmetic defects, but they will still cut dough perfectly well.