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Charming Minis (Individual Cutters)

Regular price $4.00

Mini cutters measure approximately 2 1/4 inches.

Available individually or as a set of 9. Save $4 when purchasing as a set! 

Charming Mini Set of 9 includes the following designs: rainbow, shooting star, moon, leprechaun hat (shifts to a pot of gold when flipped upside down), four leaf clover, charming heart, balloon, horseshoe and a hourglass (that shifts to a mini bow tie).

Please note: the Charming Heart is available in other sizes here. The  Shooting Star is available in other sizes here and the shooting star is also avialable as a part of my Unicorn Set.

Decorated cookies in bowl with marshmallows by Lisa of Borderlands Bakery

Charming Mini set and green clovers decorated by The Graceful Baker